Acupuncture to increase fertility

Fertility – a sign of good health.

Infertility, defined as the inability of a couple of child-bearing age to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex over two years, is a sign that health is not optimum. Conversely, fertility, the ability to impregnate or become pregnant, is a sign of a healthy body.

How can Acupuncture help?

The aim of TCM Acupuncture is always to promote communication between the bodily systems to improve health. The body has in-built self-healing mechanisms, but as we all know, sometimes this ability to self-heal is impaired. Rather than focusing exclusively on symptoms, TCM Acupuncture attempts to address the underlying cause and support the body in healing itself.

Unique treatments for unique patients

Although there are several common patterns recognised by Chinese medicine that result in impaired fertility, all patients are different, and should therefore be treated differently. Patients tend to come in with a conventional medicine diagnosis; this is what they are seeking treatment for, this is what they want addressed. However, Chinese Medicine understands all disease processes to be symptoms of underlying disharmony; treatment is primarily focused on addressing the cause of disease rather than the outwardly manifesting symptoms.

Who has acupuncture for infertility?

Acupuncture is one of the most popular alternative therapies to help boost fertility, and has become a major reason that patients come for acupuncture, this is not surprising given that it is estimated that one in seven couples in the UK has difficulty conceiving.

How does acupuncture improve fertility?

In conventional medical terms, acupuncture is believed to boost fertility by:

  • Regulating hormone function both in men and women.
  • Increasing blood flow to the ovaries and uterus.
  • Addressing the causes of poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a particularly common cause of infertility.
  • Reducing stress in the body.
  • Increasing general relaxation.

Fertility isn’t just for women!

For various social, psychological and cultural reasons, in the West, women pay more attention to their health. The vast majority of acupuncture patients are women. As a result most fertility marketing is aimed at females. However, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Research suggests that acupuncture:

  • Increases sperm motility.
  • Increases testosterone levels.
  • Lowers the temperature of the scrotum resulting in better quality sperm.

Supporting IVF with Acupuncture

If you’re not eligible for NHS treatment, or you decide to pay for IVF, you can have treatment at a private clinic. Costs vary, but one cycle of treatment may cost up to ?5,000 or more.”

Whether you are eligible for IVF on the NHS or not, it makes sense to also have acupuncture to support the process and increase chances of a successful implantation.