Roots and Shoots

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a dualistic system. From the basic pairing of Yin & Yang, we separate everything into polarities, the most important of which is cause and effect, i.e. underlying imbalance and outward manifestation.

If you have a leak under your sink, it?s sensible to fix the leak before mopping up the water. A small puddle will dry naturally if the leak is fixed. Addressing the symptoms of the leak without fixing the pipe will yield only short-term results.

Many people are content to mop up once a week rather than hiring a plumber, but over time, a small leak can turn into a bigger leak and emergency call-outs aren?t cheap.

A tree can recover from serious injury or disease if the roots are healthy. As an Acupuncturist, my focus is on the roots over the shoots.

Triangle Magazine – June 2015


Before, During & After, New Life

The process of bringing new life into the world is very rewarding, but there can be many challenges along the way.
Due to media exposure, more and more people are aware of how effective acupuncture can be at addressing fertility problems and supporting IVF treatment.
It is less widely known that acupuncture is commonly used to treat pregnant women to help with the radical changes happening in the body, from mood swings to malposition of the foetus.
Acupuncture is also sought out as a gentle alternative to chemical induction when the due date draws near, and can even be used during labour to help manage pain and calm the mother.
After the birth, acupuncture is used by many women to support the healing process and bring the body back into balance after such a radical transformation.

Triangle Magazine – May 2015


New Acupuncturist

Happy New Year everyone! My name is Nick and I?m an Acupuncturist.

I have recently moved to Norwich from London.

Acupuncture is my passion; I love it because it is very complex, but also beautifully simple.

It is complex because people are; everyone is unique and requires a unique approach to achieving harmony.

It is simple because the fundamental principle is one of balance; we strengthen deficiency and reduce excess.

After 4 years of university, a couple of trips to China, and 8 years in practice, I am still a student of Chinese medicine, and my patients are my greatest teachers.

I look forward to meeting you, and guiding you on a journey to better health and well being.

Triangle Magazine – April – 2015